Oromo Journalist Flees Oromia After Receiving Threats, Harassment, Imprisonment from Ethiopian Officials

Muddee/December 3, 2013 · Gadaa.com

Ex-OTV journalist, Usman Bayu (Photo: Simbirtuu.com)

(Simbirtuu Radio – December 2, 2013) – Usman Bayu Tatago used to work for the Oromian Radio and TV Organization (ORTVO) as a journalist. He had worked as a producer and anchor of many entertainment programs by which the government security personnel and ORTVO authorities were not joyful, but upset as the programs were being eventually focused on the revitalisation of the Oromo culture and history. Since then, he became under series warnings, investigation, harassment and imprisonment by Ethiopian security men.


Mr. Bayu was abducted in one evening from his home by security men and taken blindfolded to unknown place where they tortured him as if he was leaking information to the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

After he had learned that he could potentially die, then he left for a second country. As the Ethiopia and the country to where he fled have agreements, his security is now seriously under anxiety. The Ethiopian security agents are following him to take him back home where he could possibly be tortured and imprisoned once again, he said to the Simbirtuu Radio.

Human rights and many civic groups have been reporting that Ethiopia is one of the worst places for journalists. The country has the vilest records in press freedom and in abducting its citizen from neighbouring countries. Several journalists have fled the country and still many are in jail due to its strictly limited press law.

Source: Simbirtuu Radio


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