Oromo Studies Association Mid-Year Conference Call for Papers


Ayyaantuu News Online, December 6, 2013

Theme: Communicating Oromo Issues Effectively: The Role of Media, Organizations and Elites

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Oromo Studies Association (OSA) have unanimously chosen Chicago to host the 2014 mid-year conference of the OSA. The Conference is going to take place on March 29th and 30th of 2014 at WeissMemorialHospital, 4646 N. Marine Drive, Chicago, IL60640. The OSA organizes the conference in collaboration with the youth wing of the Oromo Community of the Greater Chicago land. Chicago is home to a small but remarkably cohesive and vibrant community for over two decades.

The conference theme, “Communicating Oromo Issues Effectively: The Role of Media, Organizations and Elites,” is meticulously chosen to reflect the socio-political dynamics of the Oromo people at home and in the Diaspora. The OSA anticipates a large turnout from the Oromo in Chicago, its surroundings, neighboring States, and the growing vibrant young activists all over the Unites States. Likewise, we expect to attract a large crowd of the Oromo intellectuals and activists who will give us their perspective on challenges facing the Oromo nation and the way forward.

We would like to allocate a sufficient time to the presenters, who submit well researched and timely papers, to enhance effective communication of their ideas and engage the conference participants through a constructive discussion. Therefore, this time, we decided to expand the duration of the mid-year conference from the traditional one day meeting to two days meeting.

We encourage OSA members to propose panels on topics relevant to Oromo Studies. Prospective discussants are required to submit their arguments and main discussion points in writing to the President. Such panels will be entertained if and only if the proposed panelists submit by the deadline, January 28, 2014, two months before the conference.  Any paper or topic submitted for presentation after this deadline may not be entertained by the Executive Committee.

The following are the panels envisaged for the mid-year conference in line with the conference theme.

  1. Establishing Pan-Oromo Media: Reflecting on the Past & Going Forward
  2. Curbing Inter- and Intra-ethnic Conflicts: The Role of Civic Organizations and Elites
  3. Making Afaan Oromoo the Working Language of Ethiopia and Maintaining in the Diaspora: Prospect and Challenge
  4. Health and Social Well-being in Oromiya: Looking Backward and Going Forward
  5. Political Crises and Immigration: How to Retain Human Resources in Oromiya
  6. Remembering Oromo Heroes and Heroines: The Legacy of Yesterday’s Giants!
  7. Oromo Diaspora Community Organizations: Past Achievements & the Need for Networking

Please, submit the abstract of your paper before January 28, 2014 if you want to be a panelist in any of the aforementioned panels or want to propose a panel.


For further information, please contact the OSA President: ielemo@weisshospital.com orielemo@yahoo.com

The Oromo Studies Association/Waldaa Qorannoo Oromoo


December 5, 2013


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