OGADEN ONLINE – More than 90 died in Jigjiga’s Jail Ogaden

8 januar 2014

At least 98 people have died in Ethiopian army and its associated militia custody in Jail Ogaden, in the capital city ofJigjigafor the last two weeks. Most of them died violently and hunger according to our reporter in Jigjiga and reliable individuals within the Ethiopian Administration in Jigjiga. Roughly a quarter of those died have been executed by the Ethiopian army and its Liyu Militia.

In related news, reliable sources report that some 500 detained civilians in Jail Ogaden were transported to the main military garrison in the city of Jigjiga, such as Garasley and Gibidhka.

Sources, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of their reports, indicate that there are rumors of Western NGO heading to Jigjiga and they might request to visit jail Ogaden.

Those transported to the military garrisons are said to be on the verge of death due to the injuries sustained while being tortured by the Ethiopian army and its Liyu Militia.



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