Arresting and Torturing of Oromo Women and Youth does not Stop the Struggle of the Oromo People for Justice and Freedom

August 29, 2014
The Tigrayan minority TPLF-led Ethiopian regime has continued arresting and torturing of the Oromo nationals in an attempt to stop the struggle of the Oromo nation for freedom, democracy and justice. Currently, the atrocities committed by this regime on innocent Oromo civilians have been escalated to unimaginable scale. Hundreds of Oromo students, teachers, farmers, daily labourers, and civil servants are languishing in prisons located at several places in Oromia. The overwhelming majority of those who are sent to detention centres are subjected to severe and inhuman torture. Some have died in prison cells or thrown out of jail and left to die in hospital simply because they couldn’t stand the torture. Oromo nationalists Wako Tola (teacher), Usmayyo Musa (singer), Alamayehu Gerba (handicapped university student), Nimona Tilahun (former University student), Tesfahun Chemeda (engineer), Aslan Hassan (university student), and many others are all killed by the regimes police as a direct result of torture while in prison cells.  Those who survive the brutal torture will be subjected to trumped-up charges and will be brought to judges of the kangaroo court of the regime. Before bringing to the court false witnesses are prepared and “evidence” is planted at their homes by the regimes police and convicted based on these fake testimony and made-up and planted “evidence”. Others are kept in prison indefinitely without any charge at all. In few cases judges render a “not-guilty” verdict after the prisoners have already spent several years in jail and let them go “free”. In some of such cases the police arrests them back before they even leave the court house and prepare other made-up charges. This has been a well-known and established norm of the judiciary system of the current regime in Ethiopia. Oromo students are subjected to such police brutality and unjust judicial process and branded as “terrorists” for no crime other than raising the rightful and legitimate questions of the Oromo people in a peaceful and non-violent manner. It is not an exaggeration if we say this regime in Finfinne (Addis Ababa) is a mafia regime, brutal than the former apartheid regime of South Africa. 

Barataa Bilisummaa Gonfaa


Shamarree Daraartuu Abdataa