Please help save life of Ethiopian-Norwegian citizen falsely imprisoned in Ethiopia

Written to you by Mr. Okello’s son and family
To whom it may concern;Okello Akway Ochalla, a Norwegian citizen who has been unjustly imprisoned in Ethiopia
I’m writing this urgent message to you on behalf of Okello Akway Ochalla, a Norwegian citizen who has been unjustly imprisoned in Ethiopia for the past nine months. Mr. Okello is the former governor of Ethiopia’s Gambella region, the site of masshuman rights violations, violence, and forced resettlements of rural communities, as documented by the Oakland Institute( He had spoken out against the Ethiopian government’s involvement in the 2003 massacre in the area and for his continued work for justice and human rights, has now been imprisoned as a terrorist.
His family has not heard from him and has not received reports verifying his wellbeing from the Ethiopian or the Norwegian government. The family has also not been provided with any information on what steps the Norwegian government is taking to ensure that the rule of law will be applied to their citizen. Mr. Okello heads to another trial on December 18, 2014, and if the Norwegian government does not intervene, it is likely that he will be sentenced to death for wanting justice for his people in Gambella. A man’s life is on the line. Please take a minute from your day to sign this petition to demand that the Norwegian government advocate for their citizen, Mr. Okello’s freedom and publicly describe the steps it has taken. I ask you to share this information on Facebook, Twitter, and all social medianetworks to gain as many voices as possible to call for the protection of Mr. Okello’s life and freedom.
Thank you for helping us to save a man’s life,

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