BREAKING NEWS – OLF in a new Mayhem – Galasa Dilbo returns to leadership


For Immediate Release 6 December 2016

Oromo Liberation Front proudly announces the election of Galasa Dilbo as its Chairman

At this critical juncture the Oromo people are facing ethnic cleansing and genocide. By declaring state of emergency, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime has authorized full-scale state terrorism, arbitrary mass arrest, detention, torture, and extrajudicial killing, in particular targeting the Oromo youth, to destroy the future of our nation.

The Oromo people are showing a strong resistance against the brutality of the regime. This united strong resistance of our people against tyranny, as necessary as it is, requires a solid Pan-Oromo political organization, which is fully capable of mobilizing human and material resources of the nation to guarantee the success of the struggle of our people for freedom.

The OLF Central Committee has thoroughly assessed the many challenges our liberation struggle has to overcome, including urgent need for strengthening the unity of purpose among Oromo political organizations, and mustering Oromo resources in order to halt and finally end the TPLF’s reign of terror and its colonial occupation.

With this understanding and being fully aware of the challenges ahead, the OLF found it necessary to reorganize itself and elect a new leadership whose commitments and dedications are to the service of the cause of the Oromo people.

Accordingly, the OLF is pleased to announce the election of Galasa Dilbo as Chairman and Mulugeta Mosisa as Deputy Chairman of OLF in a democratic process accordance to the constitution of the organization.

Galasa Dilbo is recognized all across Oromia, for his selfless dedication to the freedom of his people. He has a proven track record of leadership skills and utilizing participatory leadership style. He has the vision to win the trust of the great Oromo nation and lead our organization to victory in the struggle for liberation of Oromia.

The newly elected leadership team also includes, elected Deputy Chairman Mulugeta Mosisa, who is equally experienced, dedicated and capable leader, and other able leaders are also elected to other key positions.

The OLF Central Committee is confident that the newly elected team of leadership will be a unifying factor at this critical juncture in the history of the Oromo nation. [email protected]

The OLF extends patriotic invitation to members of the organization currently divided into different factions to reject division and unite under the new leadership to guarantee the success of the OLF. The OLF also calls upon inactive members disenchanted to re-join and revitalize the organization.

The OLF urges the Oromo people to embrace the newly elected OLF leadership and lend its fullest support for the success of the vision of liberating our county and bring the 140 years long dehumanization by successive Abyssinian regimes to an end.

The OLF is cognizant that the Oromo nation has risen in unison and shown a burning desire, not only to succeed in its struggle for survival but also to finally break the yoke of Abyssinian colonization, and build a secure future for itself. Herewith, the OLF reiterates, once more, its total commitment to use all that is at its disposal to contribute to the Oromo national struggle for emancipation.

The OLF calls upon Oromo organizations to wipe the slate of blaming each other clean, from today, and get on with the work we have got to do as we struggle for national survival in the face of a threat from the merciless occupying TPLF forces who are killing our people without fear of retribution.

The OLF Central Committee also calls upon the international community, the United Nations, international organizations and governments to support the Oromo people’s inalienable right to self-determination.

Oromia shall be free!

OLF Central Committee




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